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sellers beware and other stuff

hello fellow  furry's and live journal users 
i have been busy i made a fursuit for some one who bid on my auction by the way never sell to Neva Saltas she  has  yet to pay me for the suit i made her and i bet she is the type to just use people to get what she wants told me she had been  burned on a suit  before and i actually  expected to recieve payment but i guess  that sometimes we need to learn and not trust those who  say they will do something then don't .

ok now that i have ranted 

working on special  project  a new fursuit a  new style for me any how moving  jaw  canvas mesh but i don't  know how to foam it and the   suit is based of a bunny but its not a bunny its just simular to a bunny the best i can  explain is  bunny  fox cross sorta.

so if any of you have foaming tips they are  greatly appreciated.

barking gwen barks

hi to all my friends whose birthdays are this month

happy birthday to all and  to those i haven't talked to lately i am having quite the time trying to work on my suit and balance all the stress i have.
as you  don't know my mom is in the hospital with a bloodstream infection, low blood pressure, a kidney stone, and low potassium.
she is very sick as she is in the icu and she has fluid on her chest which is putting a strain on her heart.
she was told by her doctor she was lucky she came in when she did cause she could have died. 

she also has to stay in the icu at least 2 more days maybe 3 and then in a regular room for 2 days maybe more i don't know yet but she seems to be doing ok. 

but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 
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dear journal,

 i have been busy lately, but any one who has read my profile knows that i am a furry and i have been trying to find materials for my new suit.

So i have been posting to the fursuit community a lot lately.

i am a liger or aq big cat furry asnd this is my first time suiting.

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(no subject)

 hey you all out there having fun i wish i knew some furries in my area im in amarillo texas and i need to know if any one out there is in the area . please reply asap.
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hello im a furry  but my mom doesn't know it i think she thinks i do it for fun but it is more then tha to me it is a life style me and my honey have sort of adopted do to the fact the i feel like an animal.
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Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

                  O                                           O
                O    Here lies kassie chamberlain  O
                O                 1985 - unknown       O
                O   Quoth The Raven Nevermore.  O
                O                                                O
                O                                                O
                O  by the way if the bell is ringing O
                O                                                 O
                O         I'M STILL ALIVE IN HERE    O             ____
                O                                                  O             l   _l_
                O                                                  O             l   l l l
                O                                                  O             l    0
                O                                                  O             l